AIAAT 2017 will take place in Hawaii during Aug.30-Sept.2, 2017.

You are welcome to attend AIAAT 2017 and welcome to visit Hawaii

Call for Partipants


1, Join us as Author: You can submit your full paper to AIAAT 2017. If your paper is accepted by this conference, your paper will be included in the conference proceeding. You are invited to attend the conference and give presentation on conference.


2, Join us as Oral/Poster Presenter: If you are willing to attend the conference and do presentation without publishing your paper, please submit the abstract via submission system!


3, Join us as Invited Speaker: If you are interested in being an invited speaker, to share your ideas in the feild of Artificial Intelligence applications and technologies, you are welcome to contact us for any inquiry: aiaat@smehk.org


4, Join us as Listener: You can attend all the sessions.


5, Join us as reviewer: Experts in the area of Design Engineering and Product Innovation are welcome to join the conference as reviewer. HKSME will award certificate to each volunteer. If you're intersted in, please send your CV to aiaat@smehk.org.


6, Join us as Volunteer: We are recruiting 2-3 conference volunteers during July 12-14. The candidates should be undergraduate students, graduate students, phd students, teacher, researchers, and engineers. The candidate must be able to speak more than 2 languages (English is the official language during the conference). HKSME will award certificate to each volunteer.

*Conference Volunteer Application Form